Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Residents from throughout the widespread parish come together for an annual act of remembrance at the memorial to our war dead.


There are approximately 1400 households, predominately occupying privately owned homes spread through the 2570 acres within the parish boundary.  National and regional statistics show the parish is consistently rated as one the best places to live in England with its healthy and industrious community resulting in a low-crime environment.

According to online estate agency Right Move, homes in Wyatts Green had an overall average price of £550,000 over the last year with detached properties selling for an average of £568,333 and semi-detached for an average £495,000. In Hook End the overall average price was £645,909 over the last year with detached houses selling for an average £653,000 and semi-detached properties for an average of £575,000. Blackmore had an overall price of £526,750 per sale over the last year as detached properties went for an average £626.665, semi-detached £540,000 and terraced at £395,000

For the main settlements, population figures given in the local development plan documents show 936 for Wyatts Green, 829 at Blackmore and Hook End with 637 .   Including the residents of outlying areas, the estimated total population in 2021 is 3,028.

As an indication of the unique character of this gem of an Essex parish, within its borders there are 59 English Heritage listed buildings, including at the heart of the designated National Conservation Area, the exceptional Grade One listed St Laurence Priory Church.  In addition, the moated site at Fingrith Hall Farm is a registered ancient monument and the windmill mound of Blackmore Mill (burned down in 1874) at Hay Green has been nominated for the local heritage register.


Female/Male ratio

Females  1,586

Males      1,464


Age Distribution

0-9 years          247

10-19 years      352

20-29 years     286

30-39 years.    210

40-49 years     336

50-59 years     544

60-69 years    434

70-79 years.   405

80+ years       236



The most recently available survey shows that 77.9 per cent of the population are categorised as Christian.  21.2 per cent have no religion.